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Searches for mobile phone providers Verify which company is responsible for servicing a given phone number; possibilities include Verizon, Vodafone, AT&T, Level 3 Communications, and several others. Determine which service provider is associated with a given phone number for optimal call and text message routing.

IPQS sends a “ping” to our database of providers and suppliers in over 100 countries worldwide every time a request for a mobile Phone carrier lookup is received. This gives you access to the most recent information from any carrier, including checks on ported numbers.

A carrier lookup can glean the town, country, territory, and time zone associated with a phone number. Having a better idea of the user’s likely target is helpful for both advertising and user verification purposes.

How can I conduct a free carrier lookup

The lookup time for a carrier to determine whether or not a given number is in use by a certain carrier is minimal. IPQS establishes a direct connection to the telecom backbones of major phone carriers in order to determine the most up-to-date carrier of record connected with any given phone number. To aid with risk rating and contact information fraud prevention, IPQS can determine whether or not a number has been moved and by which carrier. A reverse phone lookup is a great way to learn more information about a number without spending a dime.

Locate the Type of Phone Number

The type of phone service that a given number subscribes to can be learned through a carrier lookup as well. Marketers can utilize the line type to determine whether they are legally permitted to call landline phones or mobile phones in their target area. Carrier lookups can help with user verification and fraud protection because virtual lines are often linked to higher risk. Our Phone Carrier Lookup tool is the ideal choice if your platform requires current information about phone numbers.

Carrier Lookup Instructions

By inputting a phone number with country code, our carrier search software will return the information of the provider associated with that number. This very elementary tool can let you find out additional details about a contact number in your system. Learn how to utilize our cell phone lookup service by carrier here:

  1. Copy and Paste the relevant phone number or type it with country code.
  2. Click the Green “Check Carrier” button after choosing the nation of origin. Click “Reset” when you’re done searching to start over.
  3. In the third step, the home and mobile phone carrier identification tool will extract relevant information about the provided number, including the local time, national style, phone model, carrier brand, and mobile country code.

You may get up-to-the-minute information on your leads by consulting our centralized record of contact information and providers. In order to send an SMS message, many services, both paid and free, need the recipient’s contact information and the identification of the user’s wireless provider.

In addition, before putting in too much time and energy, you should sort valid contact information from invalid ones and telephone lines from cellphones if you’re hoping to expand your telephony and text messaging plan.

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Free Phone Carrier Lookup