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Send Free SMS Text Messages To any USA and CA Number without creating an account or using pay per message plan. As a result, SMS Marketing has become the fastest and most effective way to reach out to people. If you are looking to send text messages to the US or Canada without signing up for a monthly service, this will help you.

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How to Send Free SMS Online in USA and Canada

People look for free SMS services for multiple reasons, such as contacting a long-distance friend or perhaps getting in touch with a particular business for whatever reason. Either way, our service will allow you to send any text message to any person within the USA and Canada within a few steps – and for free.

This service is accessible without paying a subscription or signing up. All you need to do is follow the below steps, and you will be able to send free SMS online:

  • Choose your target country (USA or CANADA).
  • Click on the “Select SMS Send from number” option, and it will display a list with multiple phone numbers. Choose any option to continue.
  • Enter the target phone number where you want to send the text message. Make sure it is a number from either the United States or Canada.
  • Next up, you will be required to type your email.
  • Last but not least, type your text message. Keep it short – remember that SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters, spaces included.
  • Finish the Google Captcha challenge, then click on the "send SMS" option. Once the SMS has been sent, and the number has received it, you will be sent a copy to your email.

As you can see, the process is quite easy. You can contact anyone from these two countries in little time. However, we have more in our offer that you might be interested in. Continue reading to find out what other services you can enjoy on our website.

Our service has been acquiring a lot of popularity among people all over the world. We focus on providing the utmost customer experience, which is why most people prefer our service. Here are some of the many aspects that make us different from our competitors:

All the Virtual Phone Numbers we use are disposable and temporary, so we'll eventually replace them with new ones to avoid limits and other problems. You can continue sending SMS free from multiple numbers, regardless of where you are currently located.

All the information you provide will be 100% safe, including your email and the contact information you’ve entered. You can send your SMS from anywhere while knowing that your privacy is preserved.

All services available on our website are available for free. Thus, you can send as many text messages as you want. Other services would require you to either pay a monthly subscription or request personal information from you to use the service.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a safe service. Thus, as long as the contents of your SMS do not display any personal or sensitive information, it is 100% secure. Remember that the texts sent through our website will appear in a public reply box. Therefore, any person that visits our website will be able to read the contents of your SMS.

The target phone number will instantly receive all SMS you send through our website. We currently have a 99.99% delivery rate. Therefore, we will successfully send practically all SMS messages you send through our website.

Make sure that you're only sending essential text messages. While there isn't a particular limit to our service, abusing the system may cause us to block the user that is continually perpetrating such behavior. If our system detects spam or harmful behavior, the user will be immediately blocked from our website. Other than that, your service doesn’t truly have a limit.

Yes – we also offer a receive SMS service (read below for more information). Therefore, all you need to do is choose the phone number from where you sent the text message and scroll through all the received messages until you've found the response to yours. We hide the last four digits of the phone number, so read the first six digits to make sure it is the response you've been expecting.

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